Social Advertising is incredibly cost effective

Use social media not only to communicate, but to actively market and advertise your products and services. Get the edge on your competitors by utilising multi-channel Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram campaigns.

Drive relevant traffic and leads

Due to Facebook and LinkedIn’s interest, behaviour and demographic targeting, combined with their traditional remarketing (retargeting) platform, social media offers huge scope to drive relevant and interested demographics to your website.

Enhanced Performance Tracking

Tracking the performance and conversion of your social media ads give you the essential data to help you make better decisions regarding advertising spend and strategy.

Designing mobile-friendly ads

Are your ads optimised for mobiles? With more and more people interacting in social media through their smartphones and tablets, we can help you design ads that work effectively on all mobile devices.

The MMX Advantage

Ad Copy Design
Writing advertisement copy and designing marketing creative that are highly relevant & effective.
Ongoing Management
Utilise data from the campaigns to make improvements to ad design and content elements.
Research & Analysis
Gain a competitive market advantage for your business and website by knowing exactly what your competitors are doing.
Conversion Tracking
Track the effectiveness of every advertising campaign and make changes on the fly.
Advanced Targeting
We narrow down the audience with advanced behaviour and demographic targeting.
Strategy Review
Putting together all the data, analysis and elements of the campaign to look at the overall performance.

Managing your ad campaigns across social channels

Facebook Advertising

With more than a billion registered users, Facebook is the best place to build brand awareness and gain maximum exposure for your company. We can help you build your page, upload updates and run targeted advertising campaigns.

LinkedIn Advertising

If you’re after the B2B market, then this is your best choice to reach business professionals. Similar to Facebook, we can build your business pages and develop advertising (including sponsored updates) campaigns – targeted to specific demographic, job title and location groups.

Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram Advertising

Social media provides a wide range of tools and targeting opportunities to enhance your reach and engagement. The team at Multimediax can create multi-channel advertising campaigns that build awareness, generate leads and achieve maximum ROI.


Monitoring Social Media Advertising Performance

Dedicated social media specialist

You will work with a dedicated social media advertising expert who can help address issues, consistently monitor campaigns and make the necessary adjustments to improve performance.

Optimising conversions

Ongoing conversion optimisation ensures that landing pages are generating the maximum volume of leads without missing out on opportunities.

Detailed monthly reporting

Whether you care about ad clicks, conversions or ROI – we tailor reports for each client so you know exactly what you’re investing online, and exactly what you’re getting out of it.

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