Developing Customised Social Media Strategies

We conduct extensive research into your business and industry to gain an intrinsic knowledge of what social your audience engages with, and develop a custom strategy accordingly.

Generate leads via social media

Social media can achieve a positive return on investment – it’s a great way for your brand to interact with your audience, and can be a cost-effective lead generation channel for your business.

Gain real insight into your brand

Social validation is one of the most important factors for online users when making a purchase-oriented decision. Take advantage of the perfect channel for building trust and belief of your business within your target audience.

Achieve ROI with social media advertising

Use social media not only to communicate, but to actively market and advertise your products and services. Get the edge on your competitors by utilising a multi-channel Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest campaign.

The MMX Advantage

Social Branding
47% of Australians connect with brands via social media. There is a big opportunity for you to connect back.
Customer Engagement
Create a new level of engagement that goes beyond your website and communication materials.
Lead Generation
By connecting & building trust, social media can be a great way to generate leads for your business.
SEO Friendly
SEO and social media go hand-in-hand to build your online marketing capability across channels.
Targeted Ads
Social media advertising enables you to properly target your audience beyond just demographics.
Focus on Metrics
We help you develop appropriate social media metrics to monitor engagement & performance.

Managing Your Brand Across Social Channels

Brand reputation management

One poor story or comment about your products or service, true or false, can set back how your audience perceives you. We offer complimentary brand reputation management as part of our social media marketing packages and our higher-end SEO packages.

Social media advertising – Facebook & LinkedIn ads

Due to Facebook and LinkedIn’s interest, behaviour and demographic targeting, combined with their traditional remarketing (retargeting) platform, Social media offers huge scope to drive relevant and interested demographics to your website.

Work with an experienced team

Part of our success with social media marketing stems from the fact that we have broad experience across all facets of digital strategy across a variety of competitive niches, and have learnt through trial and success what really works.


Advanced Social Media Analytics & Reporting

Establishing goals & KPIs for social media

A flexible, powerful content management system is essential to the success of an online marketing campaign and properly conveying your desired brand image.

Analysing complex data

Our advanced software offers unmatched audience insight. You have the opportunity to analyse complex data presented in a way that matters to your business - insights into what types of posts are most successful with comprehensive audience demographics.

Detailed monthly reporting

Most strategies shouldn't go on the basis of assumptions. Social media marketing strategy is no different. You can get the one up on your competitors by combining social media backed by scientific data in our advanced reports.

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