Powerful and Dedicated Solutions for your Business

We offer powerful and reliable web hosting solutions for all websites. Giving you the freedom and flexibility to tailor your hosting needs however you like without compromising security or ease of accessibility.

Host Websites and Business Applications

Whether it’s an enterprise website or hosting business applications in the cloud, all possible and affordable on our network. Stop wasting valuable time, money and resources with traditional servers, speak to us about cloud empowering your business.

Private, Dedicated Servers for your Needs

Highly scalable Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS) backed by our enterprise redundant SAN and High Availability network. Launch anything you want into the cloud backed by our dedicated support and customer service.

Maximum Security, Speed and Uptime

All aspects of server security and network maintenance is automatically maintained by us, ensuring a guaranteed 99.9% uptime. Reduce your I.T infrastructure costs and increase your power by moving into the cloud with Multimediax.

The MMX Advantage

Customisable Servers

Customise your server to suit your requirements.

Guaranteed Security

Guaranteed server security and maintenance by us.

Remote Access

Easily access your business applications in the cloud from the web or remote access.

Virtual Dedicated Server Solutions

Effortlessly host your own business applications in the cloud.

Application Hosting Solutions

Secure customisable solutions for high bandwidth websites.

Enterprise Web Hosting

Perfect for high demand websites and complex websites which require more power.

Business Application Hosting

Virtual Dedicated Server Solutions

Using our virtualised VW-Ware infrastructure, Multimediax can offer you a Virtual Dedicated Server solution to host your own business applications in the cloud. Your VDS is completely dedicated to you where power and speed can be scaled to your requirements.

Low Monthly Cost Option

With access to our Microsoft SPLA licensing scheme we can also provide you with a low monthly cost option for you and your staff to access a wide range of Microsoft products in the cloud such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL and the Microsoft Office Suite.

High Availability Network

Your server will be part of our high availability network which means if any physical hardware was to fail on your parent server, your server will continue to run as per normal with very little downtime.


Custom Web & Application Hosting Solutions

Custom Hosting Solutions

Need a powerful and dedicated solution to host your high bandwidth website securely? Or are you looking into hosting your business applications in the cloud? Multimediax can arrange just about any type of custom hosting solution to suit your needs.

Virtual Dedicate Server (VDS)

We run a fully virtulised VM-Ware environment, therefore, we can offer you a Virtual Dedicate Server (VDS), which is scalable and is backed by our enterprise redundant SAN and High Availability network.

Detailed Performance reporting

Based on your digital marketing metrics, we can create detailed monthly reports to determine what works and what doesn’t – and to make recommendations for improvement.

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