Responsive Desktop Software Solutions

Our custom designed software can help make procedures easier for your business. We have wide experience in a range of software applications that can help improve efficiency for you and your team.

Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

Our custom software can provide proven and traditional solutions to make processes easier for businesses. Our extensive experience allows us to create user-friendly desktop apps tailored to meet all needs.

Software for All Applications

We are proficient in a wide range of technologies including PHP, Java, C++, SQL, Python, Xcode, Adobe Air/Flex and .NET. We have worked and have experience with multiple operating systems and server/network configurations.

Experience in a Range of OS

We have extensive experience in a range of software applications designed to streamline processes and improve efficiency. Our software development team works with clients across all industries including Government.

The MMX Advantage

Simple Solutions
Streamline your processes by implementing tailor made desktop apps.
Wide Range of Applications
Proficiency in a wide range of operating systems.
Expert Team
Experience in Scoping, Developing and implementing business applications.
Understanding and Support
Experience developing products that are simple for non-technical users.
Diverse Experience
Creating software for a diverse range of industries.
Flexibility & Balance
We aim to meet the balance of flexibility and intuitiveness for all of our clients.

Experience across All Sectors

Develop and Implement Business Applications

Our team has a wide range of experience using various technologies to deliver software applications such as recruitment agency databases, security systems, financial applications, gym management software, petrol station auditing software, training and educational systems and many other professional tools.

Extensive Experience

We know what it takes to scope, develop and implement business applications so speak to us for your next software development project.


Genuine Understanding and Support

We’re Human Too

We aren’t robots when it comes to developing, we take a much more consultative approach to help you deliver the very best version of your application.

Simplified for Non-technical Users

We’re an in-house team who combine marketing savvy with thought to user experience to naturally develop a product that is simple for non-technical users to operate and navigate. No more going back and forth with your developer to make changes that are common sense – We’ve been there and we endeavor to meet the balance of flexibility and intuitiveness for all our custom software and applications.

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